Understanding Tummy Tucks In Cincinnati

Cincinnati may be known for its chili and baseball, but it’s also become a hotspot for cosmetic surgeries like tummy tucks. But what is a tummy tuck, who’s a good candidate, and what can you expect from the procedure and recovery?

Types Of Tummy Tucks Offered In Cincinnati

  • Full/Traditional Tummy Tuck: Your typical tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, involves removing excess skin and fat from the connected tissues. Surgeons often repair weakened or separated abdominal muscles to ensure an aesthetic, toned appearance.
  • Mini Tummy Tuck: A mini tummy tuck targets the lower abdomen, specifically the belly button area, removing excess skin and tightening the lower abdominal wall.
  • Extended Tummy Tuck: An extended tummy tuck is a more extensive surgery, extending to the hips and possibly the lower back. This procedure typically requires more cosmetic fine-tuning and, thus, more recovery time.
  • Non-surgical Tummy Tuck: Non-surgical tummy tuck procedures, such as skin tightening treatments and injections, are also offered in Cincinnati but aren’t exactly a replacement for the surgical route. Results may vary and will be less drastic or immediate.

Understanding The Tummy Tuck Procedure

The procedure generally takes two to five hours and involves a surgeon making an incision in the lower stomach, extending hip to hip. The skin is lifted, and fat and tissue are removed to create a flatter abdomen.
On the other hand, aside from the aesthetic appeal, tummy tucks boost confidence and body-positive feelings. 
It can also improve the fit and feel of clothes and resolve health issues like back pain and rashes under overhanging skin.

Top 4 Leading Tummy Tuck Experts in Cincinnati

The Plastic Surgery Group

The Plastic Surgery Group in Cincinnati is renowned for its commitment to enhancing patient confidence and aesthetics through exceptional plastic surgery services. With a team of board-certified surgeons, they ensure personalized care and attention to detail for each patient.

Services Offered:


4030 Smith Road, Suite 350, Cincinnati, OH 45209

Krummen Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

At Krummen Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Donna Krummen combines extensive surgical expertise with a compassionate approach to patient care. She aims to achieve natural-looking results tailored to each individual's aesthetic desires and medical needs.

Services Offered:


8211 Cornell Rd #520 Cincinnati, OH 45249

Maier Plastic Surgery

Dr. Michael H. Maier of Maier Plastic Surgery is highly skilled in cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, providing patients with innovative treatments and personalized care plans. His expertise in body contouring techniques, including tummy tucks, ensures high patient satisfaction.

Services Offered:


3805 Edwards Rd. #100a, Cincinnati, OH 45209

Mandell Brown

The Mandell-Brown Plastic Surgery Center is celebrated for its artful approach to aesthetic enhancements. It is overseen by Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown, a triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon. The center focuses on delivering natural-looking outcomes through meticulous surgical techniques.

Services Offered:


10735 Montgomery Rd Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Ideal Candidates For Tummy Tuck

You might be a prime candidate for a tummy tuck procedure if you have significant loose or saggy abdominal skin, especially post-pregnancy or significant weight loss. Men with ‘beer bellies’ caused by weak abdominal muscles, instead of obesity, could also benefit.

Tummy Tuck Vs. Liposuction

Understanding the difference between a tummy tuck and liposuction is crucial when deciding the best procedure for your needs. Both procedures cater to different requirements and offer varied results.

Tummy Tuck

  • Removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen.
  • Tightens weakened abdominal muscles.
  • Best for individuals with sagging skin and muscle laxity.
  • Results in a more toned and firm abdomen.
  • Invasive procedure with a longer recovery period.
  • May result in scarring.


  • Removes fat deposits in various body areas.
  • Does not remove excess skin or tighten muscles.
  • Suitable for individuals wanting fat reduction in specific areas.
  • Less invasive procedure with a shorter recovery period.
  • May not address loose, sagging skin.

Combination Approach

  • Surgeons may recommend a combination of both procedures.
  • Combines fat removal with skin tightening and muscle repair.
  • Suitable for individuals with excess fat and skin that need addressing.
  • Results may vary depending on individual goals and body type.
  • Requires in-depth consultation with the surgeon to determine the best approach.

Choosing between a tummy tuck and liposuction depends on your specific goals, body type, and consultation with a qualified surgeon. They can guide you in selecting the most appropriate procedure to achieve your desired results.

Cost Of Tummy Tuck In Cincinnati

Tummy tucks vary in cost, depending on the surgeon’s reputation, skill, and particular needs. On average, it can range from $5000 to $9000. It’s important to remember that cosmetic surgery is an investment, and finding a qualified surgeon should be paramount over finding the cheapest deal.
Furthermore, look for an experienced, board-certified surgeon with a stellar reputation and a portfolio of results that appeal to you. Rapport matters, too – you should feel comfortable and fully trust the person reshaping your body.

Recovery After A Tummy Tuck

Recovery time is typically two to six weeks. As with any surgery, expect some pain, swelling, and bruising initially. You will likely need to wear a compression garment for a few weeks and avoid strenuous activities until cleared by your surgeon.
Like any surgical procedure, a tummy tuck poses risks, like an adverse reaction to anesthesia, bleeding, infection, and poor healing. Long term, you may have scarring, numbness, and in rare times, pain and dissatisfaction with aesthetic results.

Impressions And Reviews Of Tummy Tuck In Cincinnati

As always, scour reviews and personal testimonials when considering any significant investment. Getting a feel for other patients’ experiences with the procedure and the surgeon is crucial.
Moreover, consultations are the perfect opportunity to ensure you fully understand the benefits, risks, and recovery process. They’re also the best place to voice all your questions and concerns – no matter how minor they may seem. 

The Takeaway

Tummy tucks aren’t just a cosmetic procedure but a step towards new confidence and better health. As with any medical procedure, it’s paramount to do your homework and find the best doctor. Do it right, and you’ll be ready to show off your new body and renewed confidence.

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